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Inspiring, Preparing and Supporting Next Generation Manufacturing and Engineering Talent

Preparing Manufacturing and Engineering Talent

Supported and informed by private industry, SME PRIME® (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education) builds cost-effective and tailored manufacturing/engineering programs in high schools across the country.  

PRIME students receive hands-on training on modern equipment, and learn about technology and processes through tailored curriculum that is informed by local manufacturers in their communities. 

PRIME teachers receive professional development and certifications that equip them to certify students. 

PRIME investors receive a pool of skilled talent who have been trained – and often certified – to fill specific roles at their respective manufacturing companies, providing the investors with a direct return on their investment. 

Manufacturing companies of all sizes can invest in a PRIME program. 

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What is a PRIME School?

What is an SME PRIME School?

Advanced manufacturing is high-tech, innovative and dynamic. We work to address perceptions of manufacturing and to inspire students to pursue paths in new, innovative, manufacturing careers. SME PRIME students also learn critical soft skills such as communications, problem-solving and teamwork.
How Companies Can Get Involved

How Companies Can Get Involved

SME PRIME gives your enterprise a direct connection to a generation of qualified and able employees. You can assist, support and influence the development of a trained future workforce tailored to meet your business growth needs.
Working with Educators to Establish PRIME Schools

Working with Educators to Establish SME PRIME Schools

Qualified, committed educators are critical to successful inspiration and preparation of high school students for skilled career opportunities in manufacturing. Educators are key in the SME PRIME consultative model of training and development for current and future advanced manufacturing workforce demands.

SME PRIME Schools Are Everywhere!

SME PRIME's growing network reaches 47 communities in 22 states across the country: There's a good chance there's one in your area. See where all of our schools are located and how your school can become involved.

SME PRIME Highlights

Read highlights that showcase SME PRIME schools and the support they receive from local manufacturing investors.