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Who We Are

The SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares and supports manufacturing career opportunities for students at every level.

We build awareness of opportunity, enhance academic opportunity and directly help students at every level, offering young people a path to explore, learn, and grow.

Through our scholarships and our unique SME PRIME schools initiative, we are fostering and supporting student interest and achievement in advanced manufacturing.

What We Do


SME PRIME Schools Initiative

The SME PRIME® (Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education) initiative establishes and builds strong partnerships between high schools and manufacturers, developing tailored education programs designed to meet local workforce requirements.


The SME Education Foundation administers and awards scholarships to deserving students that enable achievement in associate and bachelor’s degree programs to support the next generation of advanced manufacturing technicians, technologists and engineers.
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Opportunities To Get Involved

Join us and make a difference by directly helping students at every level. There are many ways to give back with the SME Education Foundation. Take action today to help shape manufacturing’s future.

SME Education Foundation

Leadership Teams

Representing accomplishment and achievement in industry and academia, dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience support and further the mission of the SME Education Foundation.

History of SME Education Foundation

Created by SME in 1979, the SME Education Foundation has provided more than $33 million in grants, scholarships and awards and has supported student outreach and education programs through its partnerships with corporations, foundations, organizations and individual donors.